Anti-Spammer Measures

To prevent abuse of these forums by spammers, we've had to introduce some additional security measures for new member registrations. Going forward, any new forum member must prove they are actually a Dragonlance fan by answering a randomly-generated simple question about the Dragonlance world. Anyone who has read some of the books or comics should be able to answer these questions.

Are you a spammer? Note that in addition to registration measures and active moderators, these forums contain a range of measures to enasure that you are wasting your time if your intention is to register so that you can spam this site. The top spamming countries are Sri Lanka, India, and China. As such, we ban most IP addresses from these countries.

Anti-Spammer Question
Please confirm that you are a Dragonlance fan by answering the following simple question:

What race is the character Tanis (human, half-elf, elf)?

Type your answer here.