Wasn't a Canadian company making an animated Dragonlance movie at one point?

Last Updated 19-Feb-2006

A few years ago Canadian animation company Nelvana Studios were slated to produce an animated telemovie based on the story gap between "Dragons of Autumn Twilight" (Chronicles Vol.1) and "Dragons of Winter Night" (Chronicles Vol.2) - i.e. the Heroes' quest to recover of the Hammer of Kharas after freeing the slaves from Pax Tharkas). Those of you who have played the original/classic game modules will recognise this as the story behind "DL3: Dragons of Hope" and "DL4: Dragons of Desolation".

According to Margaret Weis, this deal fell through because, "...they [Nelvana] wanted to go off in a bizarre direction that was very un-Dragonlance."

There are currently no plans for Nelvana to be involved in the new movie.

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