The DLMS Music area is a forum for composers and musicians whose work is inspired by Dragonlance to present their work to a wider audience. If you have ever written a song or piece of music based on Dragonlance, or (legally) recorded one written by someone else, then let us know and we'll try and get it listed.

Bands Inspired by Dragonlance

Every now and then we come across bands who find inspiration for their music in Dragonlance, most often from Raistlin who is unquestionably the saga's favourite character.

The Big Blind

In 2006 the four friends Chris, Daniel, Flo and Gerd set themselves together to live their dream of playing Rock. Comming from different directions of music, we soon found out that playing rock is our way to perform. The first year was to settle songs, find our way to play and prepare for stage. In 2007 first acts did start, from small bars to bikerclubs and on stage in clubs. The band recorded its first albumn, All In in 2009, which includes the Dragonlance-inspired track, aptly named, Dragonlance. The band also has four other Dragonlance-inspired songs: I Magus, True Love, Lord Soth, and Home of the Last Inn.

Picture of the band, Blind Guardian

Blind Guardian

Blind Guardian's music is Queen meets Metallica, colliding with kinetic fury in a mass of seemingly boundless energy. And indeed they seem to be giving the nod to their sources of inspiration with the title of their 2002 albulm, A Night at the Opera. Blind Guardian's Dragonlance-inspired track comes in the form of "The Soulforged", centring on everyone's favourite character...

Picture of the band, Daagard


Dargaard was founded in 1997 by Tharen (Abigor, Amestigon, Heidenreich, Dominion III) in 1997 as a vehicle to step away from his usual genre (Black Metal) and experiment with a different approach to express attitudes and feelings. Dargaard's Dragonlance-inspired songs come in the form of the epic 10-minute "Rise and Fall" (focussing on Lord Soth), and the ethereal instrumental "Takhisis Dance", both from the 2004 album Rise and Fall.

Picture of the band, Blind Guardian


Australian metal band Dungeon is sadly no more (although Dungeon's music is kept alive through former front-man Lord Tim's new band, Lord). During their time together, Dungeon recorded two Dragonlance-inspired tracks: "The Legend of Huma", found on their 2005 album Resurrection; and "Netherlife (Black Roses Die)" from 2003's A Rise To Power.

Picture of the band, Lake of Tears

Lake of Tears

With the release of their album A Crimson Cosmos in 1997, Swedish rockers Lake of Tears were the first band with a Dragonlance-inspired song in their repetoire. "Raistlin and the Rose" is inspired by Raistlin and Crysania's doomed love, and has been popular with many Dragonlance fans over the last few years.

Picture of the band, Nightwish


Another Scandinavian rock band Dragonlance connection, again inspired by the most popular character in the series, Raistlin! Nightwish are from Finland, and their Dragonlance-inspired track appears as the title track on 2000's Wishmaster album. You'll also notice a couple of other tracks on this album which clearly have more general Dragonlance inspiration behind them.

Picture of the band, Pyramaze


Pyramaze, hailing from Denmark, serve up a hypnotic metal sound which sits somewhere between Metallica and post-Ozzie Black Sabbath. Their 2008 album, Immortal, contains a Dragonlance reference in the form of track 7, "Caramon's Poem".

Picture of the band, Shadowblade


With their explosion into the music scene, Canadian power metal group formed by Jasio Kulakowski took inspiration from the glory packed book "The Lord of the Rose", and used the power of metal to tell James Markham's story of his struggles and conquests with his blade the Giantsmiter. On their debut EP Of Blood and Iron, they feature this track as "The March of the Giantsmiter".

  • Listen to a sample of "The March of the Giantsmiter" (.mp3)
  • Visit the official Shadowblade web site.

Russian Bands

For those Russian speakers, there are a couple of bands who've recorded Dragonlance inspired tracks (thanks to Nicholas Gyorey for the heads-up). Note that these sites are all in Russian:

Pop-rock-opera "Poslyednyeye ispytaniye" based on trilogy about the twins (2009-2010). The project involves stars of russian folk rock scene - Hellawes, Miriam (Yelena Khan-Pira), Fyodor Voskresenskiy and others; composer - Anton Kruglov, libretto by Yelena Khan-Pira.

Epidemia (power metal) - Chyornyy Mag (album Zagadka Volshebnoy Strany), about weak and sickly boy found solace in the magic.

Orteo (power metal) - "Raistlin" (2005). The song is the story on behalf of the Raistlin, about how he became a dark magician.

Featured Composers & Musicians

These composers have either written or performed music (and sometimes done both!) which is inspired by Dragonlance.

Picture of Scott Brownlee

Scott Brownlee

Scott is an amateur film and orchestral composer living in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Picture of Clyde Woodfin

Clyde Woodfin

A guitarist and MIDI composer, Clyde has produced a range of works, but as a huge Dragonlance fan felt compelled to produce a peice inspired by the series.

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Daniel Mestres Garcia

A graduate of the famous Liceo Conservatory in Barcelona, Daniel Mestres Garcia has composed and performed a series of pieces inspired by some of the most emotional moments in the Chronicles series.

Picture of Alex Harman

Alex Harman

Alex's work centres around the musical scores that were actually provided in the original Dragonlance game modules. Using music authoring software he recorded these tunes to use as background music during gaming.

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Mark Boehnlein

American composer Mark Boehnlein has been hard at work and created a series of midi pieces based on scenes and characters within the Chronicles series. There are eight tracks available.

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