Mark Boehnlein

Hello, my name is Mark Boehnlein (pronounced "Baneline") and I am 25 years old. I am from Indiana in the United States of America. I have been composing songs for 5 years now just for the pure fun of it. I have been a dragonlance fan for much longer though. My brother challenged me to compose a piece of music for the opening credits of a Dragonlance movie (If there would ever be one). The result of that challenge is "The Dragonlance Overture." Doing that piece just sparked my interest into doing more music for the Dragonlance saga. Now I have several compositions completed with many more in the works.

I am unpublished as a composer and have never really tried to get published. In my only attempt, I sent the score to "The Dragonlance Overture" to the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra for a competition. I didn't winů.. but that's ok !! I would like to make a living as a symphonic and film score composer but that's something you really have to throw yourself into.

My musical inspirations are most of the classic composers as well as James Horner, John Williams, Basil Poledouris and Randy Edelman. I love how film scores can take you away on a journey and lift you high on soaring melodies. I always aspire to produce music that can evoke an emotion and whisk you away on a fantastical adventure.

Good listening to you, and I hope the melodies you are about to hear bring the characters and the world of Krynn to vivid life.

- Mark Boehnlein

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