Since it's inception, the Dragonlance Movie Site has continously run a series of polls on key subjects relating to Dragonlance movies. We will be launching a new poll system soon. In the mean time, here are the results for a selected group of polls from the past few years.

Should Dragonlance be a movie(s) or TV mini-series?
Movie(s)   75%
TV Mini-Series   25%
Should a Dragonlance movie be made by a Hollywood studio or a large independent company?
Hollywood Studio   28%
Large Indie   72%
Should a Dragonlance movie be live-action or animation?
Live Action   80%
Animation   20%
Should there be a Dragonlance movie?
Yes   71%
No   29%
Should they use stars for the major roles in a Dragonlance movie?
Yes   75%
No   25%
What rating* should a DL movie be made for?
PG   4%
PG-13   51%
* US rating system is used here. See the MPAA site for more information.

Official DLMS Dream Cast Polls

Over the years, DLMS given fans the chance to put together their fantasy cast for a hypothetical Dragonlance movie via two "dream cast" polls. Although we're not running any Dream Cast polls at present, you can still access the results of the previous efforts: