Alex Harman

Picture of Alex Harman I'm a graduate student at the University of California, Riverside, working toward my Master's Degree in entomology. Back when I had time for leisure reading, I was an avid fan of science fiction and fantasy, and an occasional gamer. I own all of the original Dungeons and Dragons modules on which the Dragonlance Chronicles were based (DL1-14), and have run most of them at least once. I like to use background music at key scenes in my games, so it seemed reasonable to create sound files of the music that was actually provided with the modules.

These sound files were created using a demo version of Easy Beat 1.2.1, from Uni Software Plus (, and the shareware sequencer Midigraphy, by TONTATA.

- Alex Harman

Available Tracks

Player Notes
These files are compressed using the MIDI format. The quality of playback of MIDI files is directly related to the quality of the sound hardware in your computer. The cheaper the sound card, the crapper MIDI playback will sound. Most common media players like Winamp, Windows Media Player, or Quicktime can play MIDI files.