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"Est Sularus"

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From the D&D game module, DL8: Dragons of War
Lyrics by Tracy Hickman
Music Composed & Arranged by Frank Mentzer
Performed by Alex Harman.

This is the anthem of the Knights of Solamnia. Lyrics are given in Solamnic, with English translation below each line. Note that there is a four-measure intro before the lyrics begin. As with Elvenhome, I've added a drum track.

- Alex Harman


Est sularus oth mithas tarus un karam degh Draco Paladine.
My honor is my life, fighting for glory by Dragon Paladine.

Est sularus voloni mas ai est thorom nafai aran palani pax ai vor.
My honor rules all of my deeds, all of my will, breathing God's strength into my sword and shield.

Barus oth arath, paxum oth kannai, oparusar dusuni ras oc par ai fam.
The Crown is steadfast, the Sword is courage, temporing all blossoms the Rose of grace and love.

Coni es est sularus oth mithas, hanur est mas Lor Alan Paladine.
Grant me my honor in life forever, accept my deeds Lord Father Paladine.

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