Alex Harman

"Wedding Song"

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Lyrics by Tracy Hickman
Music Composed & Arranged by Frank Mentzer
Performed by Alex Harman.

This is the song that Goldmoon and Riverwind sing at their wedding; the first verse is hers, the second his, and they are accompanied by a lute. I've transposed the second verse down by one octave to represent the contrast between female and male voices.

- Alex Harman


Wars have settled on the north, and dragons ride the skies. "Now is the time for wisdom and courage," say the wise. "This is the time of battle, now we must take a stand; and Now these things are larger than the promise of woman to man."

But you and I, now standing here amidst the troubled days of earth, Affirm our world, its people, the heav'ns that give them birth, Feelings that flow between us, this altar where we stand, And all those things made larger by the promise of woman to man.

Now, in the depths of winter when ground and sky are gray, Under the blanket snowfall the time is now to say "Yes" to the budding vallenwood, "Peace" to the countryside; For these are things far larger than a man's word to his bride.

And through these promises we keep, now forged in darkness of the night, Now proved in the presence of heroes and springtimes coming light, Children will see the moons and stars where now the dragons ride, And humble things made larger by this man's word to his bride.

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