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From the D&D game module, DL2: Dragons of Flame
Music/lyrics by Tracy Hickman and Michael Williams.
Arranged by Frank Mentzer
Performed by Alex Harman.

This song is sung by the Qualinesti Elves as they prepare to evacuate their ancient homeland. It's a four-part chorus; the sopranos start out alone, and are joined by the altos in measure 8 (on the phrase "with fireflies"). The tenors and bases come in at measure 11 ("Now sleep..."). I've added a drum track to emphasize the beat.

- Alex Harman


The sun, the splendid eye of all our heavens, dives from the day

And leaves the dozing sky, dappled with fireflies, deep'ning in gray.

Now sleep, our oldest friend lies on the deepwood trees, and calls us in.

The leaves are firey cold; they blaze into ash at end of year. The birds caress the wind; they wheel to the north when autumn ends.*

The day grows dark with sunset's pyre; so we await the sun's green fire upon the trees.

The wind blows through the days, by season, by moon; great kingdoms rise. The breath of fireflies, the trees of mankind fade in a word.

Now sleep, our oldest friend lies on the deepwood trees, and calls us in.

The age! The thousand lives of men and their tales go to their graves. But we, the people long in poem and story, fade from the song.

* This line may strike some listeners as odd, but remember that Ansalon is a continent in Krynn's southern hemisphere; birds there would indeed fly north to find a warmer climate.

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