I heard something about Jim Henson (Muppet) Dragonlance?

Last Updated 19-Feb-2006

On 25 October 1996 Margaret Weis dropped in this lovely post to alt.fan.dragonlance:

"Yes, dear friends, it's another rumor, to wit: the Jim Henson people have expressed an interest in DL. Which leads to the question: Which of your favorite Muppets should play which companion? I say Kermit as Tanis is a given."
Of course this spurred alt.fan.dragonlance casting gurus to plunge headlong into a monster thread regarding which Muppets should play which characters.

According to insiders, The Jim Henson Company were in talks with TSR over the possibility of some kind of DL project. One of the initial concerns raised by Henson was that they consider DL to be "too macho" for their audience (as Margaret pointed out, what ever that means?). And at the time TSR had reportedly entertained the rather scarey idea of "it could be changed."

Thankfully this deal fell through when Wizards of the Coast aquired TSR and nothing has been heard of the idea since.

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